What is Vendor Information Guide?

Vendor Information Guide is a comprehensive document of FCT Marketplace that guides vendors on the company business operations with vendors.

Will advertising my product help me sell more?

Yes. We encourage our vendors to advertise their product once every week to generate more sales.

When will I be paid after my product is sold?

FCT Marketplace pay vendor every Tuesday of the new week. You can also request for payment after three days of product delivery. To do this, sign to your store, and click on ‘Withdraw’ on your dashboard

Who can I talk to when I have a problem?

You can call our support line: 09030002564 or Email us on info@fctmarketplace.com

How much commission is FCT Marketplace charging?

FCT Marketplace is changing different commission base on different product category. Our commission is very low because we want vendor to give their true selling store price. You can check our commission rate from the below link:


Is there training videos?

Yes, there are training videos you can watch. Simply check them out on this YouTube link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wEh8fymGX90&list=PLV-bDrrg1S7Ik8Jth_76f2Sd8r4C1p007

Please note: You may need ear piece if your system’s audio is not loud

When are the training days?

Training days are Monday to Friday from 2pm to 3pm at Suit 205, Jinifa Plaza, Central Business Area, by Ground square.

Why should I come to the office to be trained?

Vendor training is very important because you are new to our platform. Putting you through the steps will help you to run your vendor online store without any future assistance.

Why I mine not selling the way I want?

If you are not selling or not selling at the rate you want, the following are responsible:

  1. Visibility is power: Your product is not being shown to the public. Please note that FCT Marketplace display vendors product on its website Home page at will. Do the following to make your product visible:
  2. Advertise your store on the front page of our website.
  3. Advertise your store with Google
  4. Share your store website address on your social media, friends, customers and family
  5. Ensure your product image are sharp enough to see
  6. Ensure your product image description is detailed enough to convince buyers.
What to do before you can start selling?

After you have successfully registered, you cannot start selling because your account will be under suspension. You need to do the following to start selling: